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A Message from the President

  Welcome members and guests to the St. Lucie County Human Resource Association (SLCHRA) website. As the new President of SLCHRA, I would like to thank you for your support and interest. The purpose of the SLCHRA is to assist you in your role as professionals in human resources. As a member of this Association, you have exciting opportunities to connect with other human resource professionals through various educational programs and special networking events. The networking opportunities we provide are invaluable to those directly involved as a human resources practitioner as well as to those who provide services in this profession.

Through the outstanding programs and seminars offered by the SLCHRA, you have the opportunity to excel in the field of human resources by continuously expanding your knowledge in this fascinating and ever-changing field. Your affiliation with the SLCHRA ultimately provides you with the tools and resources you need to make valuable contributions to your organization. Through the knowledge and skills you acquire as an active member of the SLCHRA, you have the opportunity to lead others in your organization.

I am very proud and honored to serve as your leader for the next year. I would like to thank the 2007 Executive Board of the SLCHRA for volunteering their time, talents, and service for the benefit of this great Association. We have a strong leadership team and a tremendous, active membership and it keeps growing…..in strength and in numbers. It is a very exciting time. It is a time to recognize that we, as HR professionals, are expected to contribute to key organizational challenges such as improving productivity and quality, facilitating acquisitions and mergers, improving the ability of an organization to bring new products to market, and to continuously improve the organization’s return on it greatest asset…it’s people.

The goals and objectives of 2007 include increasing SLCHRA membership, increasing monthly general membership meeting attendance, and providing opportunities for professional development by providing members HRCI-approved programs. You can help us meet these challenges by continuing to attend chapter meetings, and by volunteering your time and skills. Please consider volunteering you talent; your chapter needs your support and we want to see you!

Let’s continue to build upon the past successes of this great Association. By continuing to advance our profession, we support human resource professionals throughout our career life cycle….while leading the way for change in today’s businesses. I wish you all a safe and very prosperous New Year.

    Warm Regards,
Julie St. Clair


 Below are some details about our membership

Total Number of members - 70
Number of SHRM members - 41
Number of certified members - 10







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