It's not a cliché. Your best business comes from word of mouth. You will hear this a lot as you continue to run your own businesses and networking is a great way to perpetuate that.

With networking, you get out what you put in. It's a part of business that unfortunately becomes neglected. You must always remember to put yourself out there into the world, meet new people, join clubs, join the Chamber, join a NETWORKING GROUP!!! You can't grow if you stay in your office and never interact with your community. Put your best foot forward, smile and say Hi.

Our core goal is to generate business for ourselves. We do this by getting to know each others business better to we can better sell their services. You say "Wait a minute!" "I have enough to learn about running my own business and now I have to learn someone else's'?" Yes. When we know more about each others business, we can better refer them to our own family, friends and customers. We don't just show up and expect everyone else to give us business.

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