Martin County can be better place for all of us and I want to create solutions for our future, instead of remaining in the current quagmire. We cannot stop growth, but we can do a much better job of limiting growth with proper planning. Martin County has been reacting to growth, instead we must create a vision and plan our future. I will bring leadership and a fresh approach to solve the problems that have come with poorly planned growth.

Traffic & the Indian Street Bridge:
As a traffic engineer, I have the expertise and the training to create solutions to our traffic nightmare. Martin County residents deserve the best traffic solutions possible and you don't deserve the political bickering. This bickering only breaks down solutions.

Commissioner Heard has voted against the Indian Street Bridge time and time again. Our residents deserve better and I think it is unacceptable that we are held hostage in traffic every day. The Indian Street Bridge should have been built yesterday, so the more we stall and argue, the worse the problem becomes for our residents. Elected officials work for the people who live here -- and it's unfair that the construction of Indian Street Bridge continues to be stalled year after year. We know the bridge needs to be built and stalling only increases the cost.

Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie River:
Martin County can no longer resign itself to being the dumping ground for polluted water. However, the grandstanding and political infighting must stop before we can create better solutions. This problem was created 75 years ago when the residents in Stuart and Martin County lobbied to build the C-44 canal so they could have western waterway access. Now we must come together as a community to fix the past, and we must do it together. For the past four years Sarah Heard has blamed everyone else for the problem, but she has not created any solutions or resolutions to the problem. Our residents deserve better!

I think we can work more effectively with the South Florida Water Management District and with the Army Corp of Engineers to keep Lake Okeechobee lower. We can also help ourselves by using less lawn chemicals and making sure septic tanks are not seeping into the river.

We need to work with land owners to see how much land we can preserve. I believe we can preserve more than 60% of ALL the remaining green space in Martin County, but I can only do it if you elect me. I believe one day Martin County could be the number one stop in Florida for eco-tourism.

We need to preserve the best of what's left and make sure it's saved from development forever. However, let's not just put a barbed wire fence around it and allow invasive plants to overrun these preserves, let's manage them properly. Let's partner with the Audubon Society of Martin County, the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center and the Nature Conservancy and restore this beautiful land to its natural condition.

Economy - Jobs - Workforce Housing:
We cannot be a two-class society; the rich and those who serve the rich. We have to invite biotechnology companies and others to open up shop here. Good businesses bring higher paying jobs. In turn, that allows people who work in Martin County to be able to afford to live in Martin County.

We need to create an incentive plan so builders will create workforce housing for our teachers, firefighters, police officers and others. Like many in Martin County, I want to have a combination of new jobs and workforce housing here that will allow my three sons to come back to Martin County to work and live after they graduate from college. We need better jobs and better housing for our young people.