As the fifth of eight children, Susan O'Rourke learned at an early age that, in order to be heard, she would have to be smart and strong. Those qualities have served her well as an adult, too.

Since she excelled at logic and creative problem solving in school, Susan instinctively knew engineering was her calling. She enrolled at Vanderbilt University, a top engineering school, and took a job with a national engineering firm within days of graduating.

The Right Road.
Susan O'Rourke's special gift was seeing all the angles in a problem and developing a workable solution. Becoming an engineer made sense. She committed herself to a life of excellence early on, and now she strives to make a difference in her own life and her neighbors' lives by running a successful business, raising three responsible boys, and volunteering her time for worthy community causes.

Ask her friends and neighbors why they believe she's the best candidate for County Commission and they'll tell you that, beyond her impressive resume and personal integrity, Susan O'Rourke will work until the job is done - long after others have given up or moved on.

That's not to say her life is perfect. She admits it's difficult raising a family on her own, keeping on top of her business and now, making her first run for public office. But, as her father always said, there's a price to pay for anything worth having.

In fact, she looks back at her life and marvels how her parents were able to save and sacrifice to afford their family trips, the memories of which still bring a smile to her face.

On those especially hectic days, Susan will pull out a card she's kept close since her first job in West Palm Beach. On it are three letters: PMA, for Positive Mental Attitude, and she hears her Dad's voice when she sees it.

The Right Way.
Have a plan and follow it.

It's a simple-but-effective strategy that has helped Susan O'Rourke do the right thing in tough times and has won her the admiration and trust of colleagues, employees and friends.

The managing partners at Kimley-Horne recognized her business acumen when they put Susan in charge of opening a California branch office when she was just 25 years old. While her peers were still "finding themselves," Susan was managing staff, meeting a payroll, and working on significant engineering projects for the state.

But that's Susan, always pushing her own limits and raising the bar.

Even in high school she demonstrated a commitment to her community. She participated in student government and volunteered in a half-dozen service clubs, including the Youth Conservation Corpse. In college, despite a grueling schedule of classes, she was president of her freshman dorm and involved with IMPACT, a young professional leadership program.

The Right Candidate at the Right Time.
Susan O'Rourke has what it takes to govern Martin County.

She's determined to steer the county in a direction that meets the needs of the entire population, not just a few. Never frivolous with time or money, she's that rare breed of candidate who understands politics but rises above political "solutions."

She is an expert in transportation forecasting, transit and traffic analysis, long-range transportation planning and the maintenance of traffic during construction - a professional perspective that is urgently needed as far-reaching growth management decisions are made.

She will ask the right questions, demand reasonable answers and get things done for this County. She will set realistic goals, develop a responsible vision, and see it through to the end.

Most of all, she will get it right.

Growing up, her mom used to tell Susan to take a break and relax. Now she doesn't waste her breath.

Because Susan O'Rourke won't rest until the job is done and there's always another problem that needs solving.