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Tech Tip
Over 50% of the computer problems that our technicians are called out to fix are related to computer viruses. Virus related problems can largely be avoided by the use of anti virus software programs such as Norton or McAfee anti virus.

These programs run in the background of your computer and screen for different varieties of computer viruses. This type of software requires an update subscription that allows the software to retrieve the latest in anti virus definitions. This allows the software to stay current on the latest threats to your computer and ultimately do its job. The anti virus software will initially have a 90 or 365 days of updates. Where most of our customers make there mistake is that when the subscription runs out they do not bother to renew the service. This mistake leads to virus infected computers and big repair bill.

Because if your computer is on the Internet, it's not a matter of "if" but rather of "when" you will get a computer virus. Avoid this mistake by keeping your Anti virus software current.
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MicroTech to Implement Online Computer Configuration and Ordering Tool
In early January, MicroTech Systems will be launching an online computer configuration and ordering system. The configuration tool will be integrated into the www.Microtechnow.com website.

The new configuration section will allow users to choose from a wide range of work stations, laptops and servers as well as allowing customers to configure their choice to their exact needs and budget. Buyers will be able to order directly online and pay for their purchase via Credit card or Electronic Banking Transfer.

We will also be offering a leasing option that will be available to our business clients. The new online ordering system will insure faster delivery times to the end user.
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Need help setting up the new system or transferring your files?

Not sure of what goes where? MicroTech offers affordable, installation and data migration services performed by our A+ Certified hardware technicians. Just give us a call and we will have one of our industry certified technicians come to your location and handle any setup or data migration needs that you may have.

So what are you waiting for? Call (772) 878-6789 to experience the MicroTech difference!

MicroTech launches the new "Child Soldiers" Website!

MicroTech would like to congratulate Jerome Gayman and the rest of the board/staff members from the Liberia Coalition Project on the launch of their new website. The web site was commissioned by the organization in order to help bring awareness to the unspeakable suffering of the Liberian children.

The Liberia Coalition Project is an Intervention, Prevention and Intensive Rehabilitation Residential program for "Child Soldiers" and children affected by the trauma of the civil war in Liberia. The program is run by a core group of professional Liberians with extensive experience in running, among others, United Way Agencies that address problems similar to the Liberian problem. The goal of the Liberia Coalition Project is to provide the on going leadership, direction and support that is often lacking for "exploited and at risk" children/young adults and their families during their most difficult years of development.

For more information on "Child Soldiers" or to see how you can help, please visit their website.



Bryan K. Gardner