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At MicroTech Systems we recognize the importance of keeping up with today’s technology. Wireless networking is not the technology of the future anymore but rather the technology of today. Similarly to how the development of cordless and cellular telephones improved the productivity of business, wireless computer networks are the next logical step. It is not going to be to far off in the future that hard wired office networks will be a thing of the past. The 802.11 wireless standard has come along way since its first inception. In the past wireless networks have been rather slow and undependable. Today’s wireless networks are more dependable and secure than their predecessors.

With advancements in today’s technology, wireless networks are now achieving transmission speeds much closer to hard-wired networks. Also today's wireless networks are becoming much more dependable than their predecessors. Due to vast technological improvements, wireless implementations are proving to be substantially more reliable than the wireless networks of yesterday. Most users of properly implemented wireless networks do not notice much difference in the two types of topology.

Why choose a wireless network? This can be answered in one word, “Efficiency”. In today’s business climate, wireless networking just make sense. There are many advantages to installing a wireless network in your office. The top three reasons you may consider choosing a wireless network are; Portability, Convenience and the fact that it make financial sence.

A large majority of today’s business are located in facilities that are not owned by the particular business. Some examples of this are; industrial complexes, office buildings and shopping centers. Commonly these locations are not pre wired for office computer networks. In most cases this leaves you with two options.

Option one is that you have expensive, fixed length, patch cable strung along the baseboards of you office. This tends to be a messy inconvenience as well as in some cases being a safety hazard. Over all the approach does not look very professional.

Option two is to hire a company to come in and install cabling that conforms to your current office needs. This approach appears to be a much better option since the workmanship is much more professional than option one. The down side to this is that your company will have just invested a substantial amount of money into upgrading a building that does not belong to the company. When it comes time for you business to relocate to a different location, your business cannot take the preinstalled cabling to the next location. This means that all of the money that the company has invested in having the current office wired for networking will be lost. Depending on the amount of workstations installed, this can be a sizeable loss for the company. Taking this into consideration, this option quickly looses its attractiveness. Neither of the previous option allows for an attractive solution for todays savvy businesses. Thankfully, business’s today have a third option.

This option is a wireless network. Wireless networks now provide consumers with a new option that allows the organization to have a fast, reliable and scalable office network that is portable. Choosing a wireless network provides a cost effective solution to the issue created in option one. Due to the nature of a wireless network, there is no messy network cabling lying loosely on the floor. Selecting a wireless network allows for a very clean installation of your networking equipment.

The portability of a wireless network is possibly the biggest advantage to installing this type of network topology. Implementing a wireless network is the solution for the issue addressed in option two. Once the wireless network is properly installed it can be relocated to a new facility with little to no additional setup involved. This means that none of the money that the company spent on the installation of the network is lost is the event of a relocation.

Wireless office networks are very convenient. Once the network is installed and all of the computer hardware is networked properly, the network can be rearranged easily. This means that if the physical configuration of you office changes you can easily relocate the workstations to where ever it best suits the configuration of the room, not the other way around.

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