Computer System Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase! MicroTech Systems takes great pride in the computers we sell. In an effort to insure that your computer purchase is a positive experience, this system is covered by a 2-year parts and 2-year labor warranty.

What does my warranty cover?
Your warranty covers any hardware failures that you may experience with either the computer or the monitor. Your warranty begins the first day the item is purchased and covers the item for 2/2 year(s) respectively. If the item in question cannot be reasonably fixed, we will replace the defective item free of charge with an equivalent item. The buyer is responsible for keeping any data they feel is important backed up on some sort of alternate storage such as floppy disks or CDRW media. MicroTech Systems will not be held responsible for any data lost due to an unexpected hardware failure.

What is not covered?
Your warranty does not cover any issues that are software based. Some examples of these issues are, deleted files, corrupted directories, hardware drivers that get uninstalled, operating systems that run slowly caused by to many programs running in the start up menu. In short, this warranty does not cover any issues that would have originated from user error or misjudgment. These types of issues are the responsibility of the purchaser.

How will my product be fixed?
We use new and refurbished parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and in building replacement systems. Refurbished parts and systems are parts or systems that have been returned to MicroTech Systems, some of which were never used by a customer. All parts and systems are inspected and tested for quality. Replacement parts and systems are covered for the remaining period of the limited warranty for the product you bought. MicroTech Systems owns all parts removed from repaired products.

What will void my warranty?
The following will void your item warranty. Your unit has been sealed in an effort to prevent any type of internal tampering or damage.

  1. If these seals have been damaged, broken or tampered with in any way (The case has been opened).
  2. If the unit appears to have suffered any type of physical damage that may be the cause of the issue at hand.
  3. If the unit has had any new hardware installed or any upgrades made or attempted. Please see item number 1.

MicroTech Systems solely covers this itemís warranty. No one else is authorized to perform any type of warranty work on your unit other than the above mentioned. MicroTech Systems is not responsible for any expenses the purchaser accumulates while attempting any repairs on his or her own.

For warranty issues please contact MicroTech Systems customer service at:

Phone : (772) 878-6789

Email :